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where are they now ?

People often write in and ask 'Is Oracle blogging dead ?'

Well, I thought it might be interesting to revisit the list of Oracle blogs I posted way back in 2007 and see what they're up to.

  • Life After Coffee - dead (last post May 2011). The pressure of the No. 1 slot proved too much.
  • The Tom Kyte Blog - frequency much reduced but Tom's a busy man.
  • Rittman Mead - now a multi-user, shiny, corporate blog.
  • Oracle Scratchpad - Jonathan Lewis is still going strong.
  • Eddie Awad is Eddie.
  • Doug Burns - Our favourite Scotsman is still active and contemplating a migration away from Serendipity.
  • Kevin Closson - occasional poster.
  • David Aldridge - as above (when something annoys him).
  • Tim Hall - still travelling the world, presenting, reading books and watching weird films.
  • Jeff Hunter - resting (inactive since May 2012).
  • Peter Scott - alive and well blogging under the Rittman Mead umbrella.
  • Andrew Clarke - sporadic flurries of activity from Tooting.
  • Chris Foot - not known at this address.
  • William Robertson - still manages to exclaim 'WTF?!' once a year.
  • Howard Rogers - still blogging from Down Under.
  • Robert Vollman - resting (since August 2012).
  • Andy Campbell - hijacked by spammers. Either that or he really is pimping satellite TV systems and payday loans.
  • Moans Norgaard - pining for the fjords (since July 2010).
  • Laurent Schneider - actively blogging about Oracle.
  • Lisa Dobson - went to the trouble of getting her own domain and then neglected it (since Sept 2011). No longer a 'newbie'.
  • Jeff Moss - pimping vacations in Florida.
  • Beth - Data Geek Gal has been quiet on data quality (since Oct 2012).
  • Steve Karam - the alchemist is busy mixing up strange concoctions involving Hadoop, Hue, Oozie and occasionally Oracle.
  • Eric Emrick - nothing since March 2009.
  • Alex Gorbachev - busy growing Pythian Corp.
  • Robert Baillie - blogging about Agile, Extreme and project management after a 3 year lull.
  • Gary Myers - moved house (still in Oz) but helpfully remembered the redirect.
  • Nuno Souto - still blogging from Sydney.
  • Daniel Fink - The Optimal DBA blog has been dropped with constraints cascaded - which is suboptimal.
  • Ed Whalen - wrote a popular book in 2011, got rich on the proceeds and retired in the Caribbean.
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