Oracle release power data

Monday 27 July 2015 - London, near England FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Oracle Corporation took the unprecedented step of releasing detailed power data to the world's media »

Ghost 0.5.9 released

One of my main concerns about Ghost was managing the upgrade process as, for me, it involves Git, OpenShift and a manual (i.e. error prone) »

silencing nuisance callers

The Government have given the ICO more powers to take action against marketing and nuisance callers. If you're plagued by unwanted marketing calls, I wouldn't hold »

initial thoughts on Ghost

Ghost launched way back in 2013. It was initially funded by a successful KickStarter campaign. I played with the initial release and liked the use of »

back from the dead

People never write in to the show and ask - 'Norman, whatever happened to your blog ?' After I ported it to Octopress, rationalised all the »